5 Korean Language Instagrams You Should Follow

It seems like everyone is constantly complaining about the amount of time “millennials” spend on their phone. Therefore, I love any chance to prove that young people are doing much more on our phones than just “wasting life away.” There are so many cool things you can do to improve your life while using your smartphone: like learn a new language.

But let’s say you don’t want the stuffiness of a language app or you want to be able to learn using the apps you already have, then what do you do? Well, considering that more than 300 people are on Instagram, you probably have one too. So, why not learn a language and scroll at the same time?

So here are my 5 FAVORITE Korean Language IG accounts you should be following to improve your language journey!


This account is kind of a collection of many things. It is the official account of the Naver Dictionary (the most popular Korean dictionary used worldwide, since Naver is essentially the Google of Korea), so it shares posts from other popular instas like Talk to Me in Korean, and also posts grammar explanations, and idiomatic expressions to boosts your learning. If you just want to follow the idioms, follow the hashtag #naver_idoms.

Naver Dictionary also has an app you can download for freee~~~~ on iPhone or Android.


I. Love. This. Account. First of all, it’s super cute 😀 and they also have an app, which you can try for free, but will need to purchase extended access. But back to their IG account, Eggbun Education is cool because they use Instagram’s “carousel” function to teach about culture or explain a grammar point using completely original hand-drawn pictures.  Why is it called “eggbun” education?? Well, check out their account to find out! ㅋㅋㅋ (or just look down..)


If you love Korean dramas, this is the account for you! Kstyles_koreanclass uses clips from Kdramas (that is Korean dramas) to teach Korean.

This account just started posting videos with both Korean and English subtitles, but it promises to be a really cool site and has plenty of previous posts to hold you over.


This Instagram is super cool but can be a little daunting. Instead of posting one word here and there, 1minkorean posts a phrase, saying, or proverb that you can learn in Korean. I love this Instagram because it’s more interesting (and impressive) to learn Korean using a clever phrase than say…learning the word for “window sill” or “grass..”


I will say this from now, until…forever: TTMIK or Talk to Me in Korean is the best way to self-study Korean out there. In my humble (slightly) biased opinion. The fact that they now have an IG account is just #goals.

Anyway, TTMIK’s insta account is almost as good as its website: you can see videos of Korean explanations through Korean dramas, see their answers other users questions, learn a little about Korean food, and share moments with the team. It’s probably #3 out of my top five honestly, but they do a good job of explaining Korean grammar points in short and concise posts.


A picture from Learn Korean with Korean's instagram. The instagram shows videos of kpop music videos with Korean words scrawled across the bottom.

Like the title implies, this account is one of the best ways I have found on IG to learn Korean through Kpop. Learn.korean.with.k.pop uses videos to share a clip of a kpop video that focuses on one word you can learn. I also like this account since you can learn new kpop songs as new posts are revealed. There is also a youtube account you can follow for extended versions, and it comes in English AND Spanish! Thanks, @pateonva!

What other Korean resources would you like us to talk about? You know the drill: let us know in the comments below!

Featured image photo by Katka Pavlickova on Unsplash


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